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Zurich Fleet Intelligence:
Enabling safer, more efficient and environmentally conscious fleets

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is an integrated solution that brings together the wide range of benefits that vehicle telematics can bring with Zurich's experience in understanding and managing driver behavior. The solution enables fleet operators to utilize vehicle operational and performance data and driver behavior data to improve virtually all aspects of fleet operation.
Telematics devices installed in fleet vehicles capture and transmit essential data relating to virtually all areas of vehicle use and driver behavior. This data is then reported back to you through graphic user interfaces in formats that are easy to use, providing valuable insight and analysis.

The Zurich Fleet Intelligence portal allows:

drivers to access their own performance data and to access our suite of development tools; and

fleet managers to track the performance of drivers and manage the development of those drivers.

The Zurich Fleet Intelligence portal works in tandem with your chosen telematics provider's portal which give you access to a range of operational reporting and management tools, allowing you to drive improvements in fleet performance.