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By identifying high risk driver behavior and providing a framework to improve that behavior, you could reduce vehicle crashes by up to 20%.*
Safer and efficient driving can lead to fuel savings of between 7% and 11%.
Reduced fleet operating costs

Running a fleet of vehicles is a substantial cost for any business. Zurich Fleet Intelligence gives you the tools, insight and support that will help your business reduce direct and indirect operating costs and become safer and more efficient.

Experts estimate that for every USD $1 of direct costs associated with an accident, there are more than USD $5 of indirect or hidden costs.
Direct costs
Cost of repairs.
Future insurance premiums.
Employee absence.
Replacement vehicle costs.
Indirect costs
Missed customer deliveries.
Brand damage.
Management time in dealing with crash consequences.
By identifying high risk driver behavior and providing a framework to improve that behavior, you could potentially reduce vehicle crash costs by up to 20%.3

By understanding how and where your vehicles are being used, Zurich can help you optimise the operation of your fleet through better vehicle routing and journey planning and identifying vehicle and driver redundancy. This can reduce your vehicle operating costs by as much as 10%.4

Finally, safe and controlled driving can lead to substantial reductions in fuel consumption and a reduction in the cost of maintaining your vehicle fleet. The increased fuel economy and reduced wear and tear on replaceable components such as tires and brakes should help reduce vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

The specially developed driver behavior and analysis tools within Zurich Fleet Intelligence identify the most appropriate training courses for each individual driver. Targeted and automated driver-specific coaching empowers drivers to self correct while reducing the burden on fleet management and reducing training costs. Tailoring training in this way ensures you focus time and investment where it is needed, while still ensuring that the standard of driving is consistent across the entire fleet.

More immediate and direct financial benefits can also be achieved through implementing Zurich Fleet Intelligence. Not only is Zurich delivering a cost effective solution, but we also recognize your commitment to improving your fleet risks.

Employee benefits

Your drivers will experience many of the benefits that Zurich Fleet Intelligence offers. It analyzes virtually all aspects of driver behavior such as speed, braking, acceleration and location and provides the tools to help employees improve their own driving skills and knowledge.
Better driving enhances road safety for both employees and other road users by reducing the likelihood of crashes.
Working conditions can be improved by optimizing operational performance - ensuring that drivers are in the right place at the right time.
The built-in coaching and development tools can also help drivers manage their time more effectively, leading to reduced stress and fatigue.
Reduce environmental impact

Vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions, and any action taken to reduce that impact will help protect everyone's future.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is not just about making your business more cost efficient and safer; it also helps you satisfy and evidence your commitment to reduce the impact of your business on the environment.
Safe and considerate driving results in:
Lower fuel consumption.
Less wear and tear on tires and brakes, and other vehicle components.
Operationally effective fleets lead to:
Fewer unnecessary trips.
Better vehicle routing.
Reduced vehicle idling time.
Safer and efficient driving can lead to fuel savings of between 8% and 11%.*
* Studies (www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/driveHabits.shtml) show that an individual driving style contributes up to 33% of the amount of fuel that they consume. Research by GreenRoad Technologies based on their U.S. and European customers show that safer, more considerate driving can reduce fuel consumption by between 8% and 11%.

3 Based on subsequent review, analysis and conclusion of GreenRoad Technologies' study on crash reduction as referenced in footnote #4 by Zurich U.K. underwriters and pricing actuaries. For more information on crash study, see also the June, 2010 study by DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: "Evaluating the Safety Benefits of a Low-Cost Driving Behavior Management System in Commercial Vehicle Operations".

4 Based on generic studies conducted by GreenRoad Technologies from data derived from their U.S. and European customers.