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An integrated solution delivered by a leading global fleet insurer

The incorporation of Zurich's global fleet risk experience allows fleet operators to realize the full potential that this technology offers. So what makes Zurich Fleet Intelligence different?

Reassurance and authority: Zurich has been providing commercial fleet insurance for over 100 years. Our established fleet operations in major markets all over the world ensure we have the global footprint, experience and resources to fully deliver and support this innovative solution.

Simple and user friendly: Unlike many other telematics solutions that simply deliver raw data, your vendor's online reporting and analysis tools deliver market leading and meaningful insight, in an easy to use manner, helping pinpoint areas of high risk and inefficiency.

Tailored solutions: You will receive a suite of online driver development and risk management tools that are focused on key areas of risks that affect your particular business and individual drivers' behaviours.

Flexibility and quality: Zurich is not tied to a single technology provider. You can choose the telematics provider that best suits your unique needs from our panel of selected market leading telematics providers.

Superior customer service and support: Your telematics provider will provide you a fully managed and supported installation process, ensuring minimal interruption to your business operations. Zurich's risk engineers are on hand to deliver tailored support and advice on virtually all aspects of the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

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Financial savings: The unique 'Estimator' tool will help you to identify and quantify the potential savings you could achieve by choosing Zurich Fleet Intelligence.

A transparent and single billing process: You have one simple monthly cost to manage from your vendor, with no hidden extras.

Unbundled: While Zurich fleet insurance customers may benefit from favorable premium adjustments, you don't have to buy your fleet insurance from us in order to use Zurich Fleet Intelligence.