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Zurich has identified many of the leading providers in the field of vehicle telematics to ensure that we are not only working with providers that offer a range of services and capabilities, but are also represented wherever in the world our customers are.

By working with leading vehicle telematics providers, Zurich is able to offer independent advice on the most appropriate package of services for your company's individual needs. Flexible, fully guaranteed professional installation of equipment is available globally along with a 24 / 7 advice and technical support line managed by your selected provider.

Our full pre- and post-implementation support services include assistance with setting realistic objectives for the solution. We will help you create and implement a structured plan which establishes safety and efficiency 'business as usual' within your organisation. It also provides advice on the most effective methods for encouraging employee engagement throughout the entire implementation process, thereby increasing the likelihood of employee 'buy-in'.
With video event recorders in more than 150,000 vehicles across the U.S. and monitoring over 3 billion driving miles, DriveCam is a proven leader and innovator in driver risk management, continually developing solutions that improve driver safety, lower operating costs and boost fleet productivity. Combining video and driving data with in-depth analytics, DriveCam identifies root-cause driving behaviours (which provide superior insights into a fleet's risk profile) and captures indisputable and objective evidence of collisions and other important driving events. In addition, DriveCam's behaviour-based fuel management solution measures efficient driving, idling and speeding to provide real-time savings. By providing real-time vehicle location and trip history, Fleet Tracking provides productivity enhancements and ensures operational compliance.

DriveCam applies more than a decade of experience and expertise to deliver a comprehensive program that empowers clients to dramatically reduce collisions and improve operating efficiency. Specifically:
Proven benefits:
Immediate and sustaining results, including 80% reduction in claims costs and 12% reduction in fuel costs.
Video for identifying root cause behaviours - not just outcomes such as braking or swerving - to readily identify, prioritise and escalate driving risks for supervisor intervention.
Factual and objective on-road observations, leading to more accurate fleet risk analytics and more efficient driver improvement, along with clear evidence in the case of no-fault exonerations.
Comprehensive program:
DriveCam's Program takes the burden off clients so they can concentrate on running their fleet operation. Scoring and analysis of driving events by DriveCam professional staff means consistent, standardised and timely feedback scalable to the needs of enterprise fleets.
Web-based Data allows for anytime, anywhere access to video events and reports so immediate driver coaching and management oversight can occur. Dashboards, configurable alerts and drill-down functionality allow clients to access the information they want, and quickly pinpoint key issues needing attention.
Comprehensive Client Services, including dedicated Account Manager, Quarterly Program Business Reviews and ROI Analysis.
In -Vehicle technology:
Cellular connectivity in the Video Event Recorder means no investment in new IT infrastructure and real-time connectivity.
Real-time, in-cab feedback engages drivers in immediate self-correction - even before a video event is captured - so drivers learn to avoid recording events by driving safely and efficiently.
Integrated GPS reveals exactly where an event occurred, and shows the vehicle's speed and direction.
Geographic availability: North America.

Web: www.drivecam.com/

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Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads.

GreenRoad measures the risks and inefficiencies that others can't to provide the most effective, proactive approach to smarter driving.

Crashes and fuel account for two of your top three fleet costs. A best-in-class programme from GreenRoad directly addresses these top two issues so you don't fall behind the competition.

Compromise solutions, like repurposed GPS tracking systems or video monitoring systems that assign liability without improving driver decision-making, simply don't move the needle the way GreenRoad does.

In short, fleets that do not use GreenRoad are typically twice as likely to get into a crash and spend 10% more on fuel.

GreenRoad's comprehensive and driver-centric approach delivers results that save lives and improve the bottom line.

GreenRoad's Technology-Based Programme Gets Real Results
The GreenRoad 360™ service is the only solution originally designed to address fleet safety and fuel efficiency requirements with a comprehensive and programmatic approach that is easy to set up:
1) GreenRoad Live™: Trusted, Real-Time Driving Assessment and Coaching
The greatest depth of measurement, analysis and understanding with patented, sensor-based TruCourse™ technology to address completely the riskiest of driving, including compound corner and lane handling manoeuvres.
Vehicle Signature Profiles™ enable fleets to customise their solution by vehicle type, terrain and route type or balance among fuel, comfort and safety requirements.
Market-leading LED display gives non-distracting, in-vehicle feedback and coaching, empowering drivers to self-correct and reducing the burden on management.
2) GreenRoad Central™: Full Online Visibility for Drivers and Management
Gain driver and fleet-wide insight through a customised, secure website and e-mail.
Tailor and export your own reports with risk analysis tools and reporting.
3) GreenRoad Engage™: Fleet Success Programme
Personalised training, communications, resources and organisational change management by GreenRoad make implementation easy.
Recognition and reward programmes encourage and sustain safer, more fuel efficient driving decisions and enthusiastic driver and union acceptance.
Proven methodology and technology enable GreenRoad to scale easily and cost-effectively to thousands of drivers across the organisation.
4) GreenRoad Intersect™ Partner Integration Programme
Open multi-vendor platform allows partners or customers to create unique offerings with best-of-breed solutions that work together, including complementary technology, insurance and risk management solutions.
Integrates seamlessly with Zurich Risk Engineering services and Virtual Risk Manager.
For fleets requiring general purpose Mobile Resource Management (MRM), GreenRoad has integrated with best of breed MRM applications from Qualcomm, which has one of the largest installed bases of MRM in the world. You get the best of both worlds.
Results Are Immediate and Sustainable
A GreenRoad customer sees a net annual operating cost reduction of £600 - £2,400 per vehicle.

Crash costs reduced up to: 50%
Fuel usage reduced up to: 10%
Emissions reduced by up to: 10%

To learn more go to: www.greenroad.com/zurich
Geographic availability: North America, Europe, Australia.

Web: www.greenroad.com

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IDS is a DYNAMIC TEAM of individuals including risk management specialists; programmers and engineers; account and customer support teams - all dedicated to saving lives and delivering state-of-the-art fleet risk management solutions to our direct and indirect customers across the globe.

IDS has enjoyed over a decade of working alongside Zurich Risk Engineering delivering risk management solutions across the world.

IDS 'PARTNERS' with both public organisations and private businesses and governments. Corporate clients (direct and indirect) include: Nestlé, Cummins, Pfizer, Roche, Royal Mail, BT, Eon, Rentokil, Siemens, GM, Lex Autolease and PHH. Our clients also include many organisations with between 10 and 250 vehicles / drivers.

Virtual Risk Manager® delivers our research driven products and services that are proven and independently validated to work, straight to your drivers and managers. Our mission is to help our clients across the world develop a HOLISTIC APPROACH TO THEIR FLEET RISK MANAGEMENT strategy that ensures a continuous cycle of activity that saves lives, exceeds global compliance standards, builds brand value and minimises safety, insurance and liability exposures. We do not believe in waiting for a collision to take place before acting. Our aim is stop the collisions from happening in the first place! This means all your employees who 'drive for work purposes' including grey fleet, or opt out drivers, occasional drivers in their own vehicle, hire / rental car users, and the family members of company car drivers, are involved in your program.

Our approach is a PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR CLIENTS - we will identify your most 'at-risk' drivers, provide up to the best practice information that influences all your drivers attitude and behaviour behind the wheel - clients provide the leadership, policy, discipline and consequence if they choose to behave differently.

Globally, IDS IT infrastructure includes DEDICATED SERVERS managed by our global IT Partners, NTT Verio. The IDS network can be expanded very easily and exponentially as required. Our new IT Headquarters in Great Britain enjoys dedicated communication lines in and out of the building for the sole use of IDS. From this location we have a direct link to the UK Government Licensing Authority (DVLA) and direct server to server links with USIS HireRight for US Licence Checks.

From a DATA SECURITY stance, IDS has frequently experienced site visits / audits and 'penetration testing' of our facilities, programs and servers by various clients. Client data is stored on non-web facing database servers that cannot be accessed via the web. Connection to the database servers is limited by firewall to the web servers and our main offices. Connection from our offices is via a site to site VPN that is locked to our IP address. Web applications that have access to the data are limited in what data they can see and access e.g. one application cannot access the data from another application. Privileges from the web applications are also limited to minimum required, e.g. no web applications have the delete or grant privilege. Access to the data via web application is always done via https so the data is encrypted in transit. Data can only be viewed once logged in and privileges are assigned based on role in the company, e.g. local managers are setup so they cannot see other areas data and cannot see licence / crash data. This is done by default and privileges are only turned on by request from client administrator.

To this end we are proud of our unique position in the world of Fleet Risk Management that IDS policies and procedures meet the approval of the US Department of Commerce under the EU / US Safe Harbor protocol, and go beyond compliance with the UK and European Data Protection Acts.

We look forward to working with you.

Safe Driving.

Geographic availability: Global.

Web: www.virtualriskmanager.net

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IVOX is technology enabled information services company focused on risk management and mitigation. IVOX can receive data from multiple device platforms diminishing the customer's exposure to not only device risk but also communication risk; assuring that the customer has the most cost effective solution. It allows the customer to easily adapt to the next generation of telematics devices without impacting the reporting structures and maintains a value of the original device investment as the customer migrates to the next device. Custom hardware and communications platforms are selected based on your geography and fleet usage.

IVOX also provides a data analytics platform, called DriverScore, for commercial and personal auto. The platform receives granular GPS, accelerometer, time of data and other vehicle data and processes the data through a series of algorithms which produces a DriverScore, a singular score for risk an individual driver represents and provides a scale that ranks the relative risk of a driver to this peers. This singular score is simple to understand and administer into any driver management system regardless of the size of the fleet.
Benefits of the DriverScore systems include:
Flexible platform rapidly adapts to emerging technology.
Select a custom system based on your risk and activity level.
Unbundled communications and devices insures lowest operating costs.
Some devices can be self installed, eliminating installation costs.
Compatibility with existing devices, adding ROI layer to device investment.
Driver assignment administration is provided.
Singular score is easy to understand.
Drivers can be segmented into Good, Average, Bad.
DriverScore can be tied to compensation for incentive purposes.
DriverScore provides a data privacy 'firewall'.
DriverScore reports are web based and easily accessed.
An audit is available to insure that DriverScore is being utilised.
Frequency of accidents reduced 16-20%.
Severity of accidents have been shown to be reduced.
Insurance premiums reduced as much as 50%.
Fuel costs reduced 7-10%.
Increased productivity.
Reduction in discretionary idle time.
Carbon footprint based on driving behaviour can be assessed.
The DriverScore system is device agnostic.
In addition to DriverScore, IVOX produces sub indices to denote speeding (relative to the posted speed limit), excessive aggressive driving, and time of day risk. Maps are also provided so that customers can view the time, location, severity, duration of speeding and aggressive driving events.

Geographic availability: North America.

Web: www.driverscore.com

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Geographic availability: Europe.

Web: www.novacom-europe.com

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SmartDrive Fleet Solutions

Get clear, definitive picture of what actually happens on the road.

SmartDrive fleets are reducing collisions every day by quickly identifying and correcting risky driving behaviours, saving money and saving lives. By focusing visibility on the riskiest drivers and activities, fleet managers and safety coaches can effectively change those behaviours that lead to collisions and wasted fuel.
To deliver this, SmartDrive leverages the power of video, combined with driving characteristics to collect and analyze the richest set of data available. In fact, only 5% of risky driving can be identified by non-video technology, which misses some of the riskiest driving combinations, such as following too close and speeding whilst texting.
Drivers also benefit from in-cab driver feedback lights that instantly indicate a risky manoeuvre, allowing drivers to modify driving habits for safer, more fuel efficient driving.
Our team of experts review every event so you don't have to.

SmartDrive Expert Review eliminates the need for fleet managers to spend hours reviewing video events.
We professionally evaluate each uploaded event across 50+ safety and operational observations, then prioritize the results.
These results are delivered daily to the online SmartDrive Response Center, with dashboards that indicate the riskiest drivers and behaviours, followed by a simple three-step coaching process.
The results are substantial and sustainable over time.

SmartDrive is proven to reduce risky driving by an average of 60% in the first year, with continued improvement in year two leading to a 75% reduction.
Fleets see a reduction in both the frequency and severity of collisions. Reynolds Catering Supplies reduced collisions by more than 61% and its annual related costs by 63%, a 4-to-1 return on their investment. Loomis Armored saw a 78% reduction in excessive speed, and cut collision frequency by more than 53%.
Results are enhanced by our in-depth account management team which work hand-in-hand with fleet managers to deliver ongoing performance improvement and ROI.
One system delivers both improved safety and operational savings.

With SmartDrive Operations fleet managers can also get a complete picture of routes and driving activities to improve driver productivity, increase operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, using the same hardware as the safety program.
SmartDrive Operations offers GPS Trip Mapping with driver's routes, including fully customizable geofencing for protected areas. Pinpoint off-route behaviors, exact details for each stop, and excessive idle times that waste fuel.
This has been shown to save over £90 and over 91 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle each month.
With over 34 million incidents captured, SmartDrive is building the world's largest and fastest growing database of risky driving behaviors. The insight we gain from evaluating these events goes into every decision we make to help fleets and drivers promote safe and efficient driving. As recognition of this, SmartDrive Safety received the Product of the Year Award in the 2011 Brake Fleet Safety Forum.
Geographic availability: North America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.

Web: www.smartdrive.net

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TomTom Business Solutions is a global provider of a proven and trusted M2M telematics platform that draws on world class navigation, mapping and live traffic information for the fleet, insurance, and automotive sectors. We are the chosen technology provider for insurance partners in both the B2B and B2C environments, and with over 16,500 fleet customers worldwide and in 239,000+ vehicles, we are at the heart of our customers’ business. TomTom technologies give the insight and feedback to enable risk reduction and efficiencies through greener, safer more efficient drivers.

Business Solutions – WORKsmart™:
Reduction of operating costs and total cost of ownership.
Risk reduction and improved safety by monitoring driver behaviour.
Professional tracking , navigation, mapping and real time traffic avoidance.
Fleet Management and insight reporting at your fingertips.
Compliance with best practice and legal obligations such as duty of care and tax.
Dispatch optimisation for operational excellence.
Reduced fuel costs, less idling, improved driver behaviour style with real time active driver feedback and OptiDrive™ scoring.
Boost Customer Satisfaction – accurate ETAs and better resource deployment mean happy customers.
Reduce Carbon Footprint – promote greener, safer more efficient driving.
WEBFLEET.connect – with hundreds of partners the integration possibilities are endless.
Geographic availability: Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia..

Web: www.tomtom.com/business

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Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location - including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilising positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilised to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Trimble Mobile Resource Management (MRM) enables companies to transform their mobile workforce. Trimble MRM solutions combine driver safety, fleet management, vehicle diagnostics, schedule & dispatch software and mobile computing technology to improve the performance of any mobile workforce.
MRM solutions are supported on one platform (GeoManager) so services can be changed easily as the fleet’s requirements change.

MRM Solutions:
Driver Safety - Trimble solutions help companies improve driver safety and reduce the risk of preventable accidents. Our safety solutions allow companies to trend aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors that may cause accidents, resulting in fines, asset damage litigation, employee injury and productivity loss. Trimble MRM solutions work with any size fleet in a variety of industries.
Fleet Management - Trimble GPS Fleet Management solutions provide visibility to field activity that enables companies to increase workflow productivity, reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety for any size fleet. Combined with effective management, GPS Fleet Management solutions are a productivity tool with solid return-on-investment that enable high customer satisfaction with minimum capital asset costs, lower environmental impact and increased employee productivity.
Schedule and Dispatch Optimisation - Trimble scheduling and dispatch solutions allow businesses to optimise, manage and communicate day-to-day activities with drivers and field technicians using real-time data and scheduling automation. Our solutions help companies with capacity planning, appointment setting, job scheduling, dispatching and performance management for fleets of any size, large or small, in a variety of industries.
Mobile Applications - Trimble offers in-vehicle and portable applications that help increase mobile worker productivity for any size fleet in a variety of industries. Trimble solutions allow companies to get accurate information to the place where decisions are made, whether at a customer location, the back office or somewhere in between.
MRM Value:
Improve Driver Safety - Monitor mobile worker status and reduce unsafe driving maneuvers.
Expand Business Intelligence - Enable data driven decisions with business intelligence at your employee's finger tips.
Strengthen Compliance - Automate government and corporate compliance monitoring.
Increase Customer Satisfaction - Improve customer service by giving your employees the capabilities to succeed.
Increase Workflow Productivity - Paperless mobile solutions help automate routine workflow and increase worker productivity.
Reduce Fuel Costs - Lower fuel use through reduction of unnecessary driving, unauthorized use, fuel theft and engine idling.
Improve Asset Utilisation - Optimise asset utilisation with location, status and health data for vehicles and mobile equipment.
Decrease Carbon Footprint - Measure and reduce carbon footprint for a cleaner, more efficient fleet.
For more information about Trimble solutions, send an email, call us or visit our website www.trimble.com/mrm
Geographic availability: Global.

Web: www.trimble.com

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