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Giving you options to help your business
Working with our telematics partners, we have designed a range of solutions to help you, whatever the focus of your fleet management activity may be.

Fleet safety option
This is for customers seeking support primarily in safety of drivers and other road users. This option delivers extensive support in identifying key areas of unsafe driving and providing the tools for your drivers to change that behavior.

Fleet Management & safety option
Tracks your vehicles in real time, reports on and helps manage vehicle performance, as well as support safety of drivers and other road users by identifying key areas of unsafe driving and providing the tools for your drivers to change that behavior.

Mobile resource management option
In addition to all the benefits of fleet management and safety option, this gives you complete mobile resource management capabilities. This gives you all the tools and capabilities that you need to optimize every aspect of fleet management.

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Safety and performance through powerful tools
Our comprehensive suite of reporting, driver development and management tools are designed to help you and your drivers assess, identify and act on areas of risk to improve both individual driver behavior and the overall performance of your fleet.

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We help make fleet management easier
Zurich Fleet Intelligence has been designed to help make your life easier by helping you protect your drivers and other road users, optimize your profitability, while reducing your fleets' impact on the environment.

We've used all our experience, expertise and insight to take the complexity out of installing and running a telematics program. Meaning you get more out of it, with the minimum fuss. We do this by providing:

Reassurance and authority

Simple and user friendly solutions

Tailored solutions

Proven driver development and management tools

Superior customer service and support

Financial savings

A transparent and single billing process

Unbundled solutions

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Babcock have already benefited from up to
30% fewer crashes
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