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The solution

What benefits does Zurich Fleet Intelligence offer to me and my business?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is an integrated fleet management solution that helps allow your company to:
Improve operational efficiency and may result in reduced fleet running costs.*
Help improve road safety, therefore helping to protect your employees and reduce risk to other road users.
Reduce your impact on the environment through reduced fuel consumption and reduced vehicle wear and tear.

Why would I choose Zurich Fleet Intelligence as opposed to one of the other solutions on the market?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is an integrated solution - from data to information to action to improvements. It includes the tools and services you need to help you realise the full range of benefits available. Plus, the solution is supported and easy to implement.

What are the features of Zurich Fleet Intelligence?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is an integrated solution that helps you receive the tools and support that you need, including:
Support in your selection of the most appropriate telematics hardware and hardware vendor.
Solution goal setting and access to reports and analysis.
A suite of reports at vehicle and fleet level giving you insight into many aspects of the performance of your vehicle fleet.
A suite of driver development tools, tailored to help you meet your specific risk needs.
Support of telematics vendors and Zurich's risk engineering specialists to help you identify root causes and implement effective solutions.

Does Zurich only work with one telematics vendor?

No, Zurich is working with a variety of telematics vendors. This helps ensure that we can help you identify the most appropriate vendor based on your unique needs.

What types of fleets is Zurich's solution for?

Regardless of the industry segment you operate in or type of vehicles you operate, you are faced with the same challenges - escalating costs, a need to reduce road risk and an expectation to reduce your impact on the environment.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is a solution that is appropriate for all types and sizes of fleet. As we work with a variety of telematics vendors, we can tailor our services to help meet your specific needs.

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The benefit to my business

What benefits can I expect from Zurich Fleet Intelligence?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence offers benefits to your business in the following areas, helping you:
Improve operational performance.
Reduce fuel costs.
Reduce the costs associated with vehicle incidents and collisions.
Control your future insurance premiums.*

How quickly will I see a benefit from Zurich Fleet Intelligence?

Our customers can expect to see a benefit to their business quickly. From day 1 you will have access to insightful data and a wide range of tools that can help you improve your business and provide you with information that you may use to help improve driver behaviour.

Do I have to buy insurance from Zurich to benefit from Zurich Fleet Intelligence?

No, Zurich Fleet Intelligence and our range of fleet risk management tools are available to fleet operators that are not insured with Zurich.

What are the benefits for my employees?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence offers benefits for your employees:
It serves as a tool to improve their working conditions through improved vehicle operational performance.
It provides them with information that they can use to help make safer driving decisions.
It will give them tools to help them improve their driving skills and knowledge.

Surely employees will object to this type of solution?

Naturally, some employees may have concerns about this solution. However Zurich and the telematics vendors will provide the support and assistance that you need to help you deliver an effective communication and engagement plan for your employees, and helps them understand the ways that Zurich Fleet Intelligence can benefit them.

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Implementing the solution

How do I choose the best telematics vendor from your panel?

We will work with you to identify your business needs and then help you choose the most appropriate vendor from the telematics panel. Zurich does not receive any fees or commissions from our vendors for the telematic services.

How does the installation process work?

Zurich Fleet Intelligence excludes the cost of having a vendor install the hardware in your vehicles. All work is carried out by independent third party professional installers who you will contract with directly.

Do I need any special software or computer hardware to access the reporting suite or development tools?

No, you don't. Our reporting and development tools run on Internet Explorer 6 or newer, or Firefox.

Will Zurich be monitoring my drivers or looking at our reporting data?

No, Zurich will not be monitoring your individual drivers. However, if you provide the vendor with consent to share your vehicle level data with us, then we can provide our reporting and analysis suite to you based on vehicle metrics.

What happens if I need help after implementation?

Full post installation support for the equipment will be available from the vendor that you contract with. Most vendors provide support, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including advice and help with any technical questions.

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*Zurich does not guarantee that the Zurich Fleet Intelligence program will result in cost savings to your organisation and it may actually result in greater costs, depending upon your drivers' driving characteristics.

This is intended as a general description of certain types of services available to qualified customers through Zurich Services Corporation. Zurich does not guarantee any particular outcome and there may be conditions on your premises or within your organisation, which may not be apparent to us. You are in the best position to understand your business and your organisation and to take steps to minimise risk, and we wish to assist you by providing the information and tools to help you assess your changing risk environment.

The Zurich Fleet Intelligence product vendors are not subsidiaries or affiliates of Zurich and use of their products and services are independent of, and not included within, any Zurich product or service. Zurich expressly disclaims any and all damages and other costs that may arise related to the use of or reliance upon the products, services, representations or warranties made by or on behalf of such third party vendors, including but not limited to bodily injury damages and damages to tangible personal property.