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Whether you operate a small domestic fleet of vehicles or a large fleet spanning international borders, the challenges are the same for all businesses and government organizations. The safety of your drivers and other road users is paramount. Optimizing operational efficiency is a must for business performance. It is good business to demonstrate your commitment towards an environmentally friendly fleet.
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Zurich Fleet Intelligence: Here to help you

Responding to these challenges, Zurich, as one of the largest fleet insurers in the world, has combined its in-depth understanding of fleet insurance, operations and fleet risk engineering experience to create a unique solution called Zurich Fleet Intelligence.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence combines the strength of vehicle telematics systems with the power of extensive reporting tools to turn raw data into meaningful insights that help you to:

Reduce fleet operating costs*;

Optimize vehicle journey planning and deployment;

Achieve increased fuel economy;

Reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle crashes through defensive driving training;

Impact your insurance costs under future policies;

Improve employees' driving skills and knowledge;

Reduce stress and fatigue amongst your drivers through coaching and development;

Evidence your commitment to reducing your fleet's impact on the environment.

Driver and vehicle safety
Driver development tools within Zurich Fleet Intelligence could help result in up to 20% lower crash costs.1
Enhanced efficiency
Zurich Fleet Intelligence could help improve operationanal costs by up to 10%.2
Reducing environmental impact
Safer and efficient driving can lead to fuel savings of between 8% and 11%.2
* Zurich does not guarantee that the Zurich Fleet Intelligence program will result in cost savings to your organization, whether relating to fuel costs or potential reduction in crashes. Results may vary depending on your circumstances. You are in the best position to understand your business and your organization and to take steps to minimize risk, and Zurich Fleet Intelligence's information and tools will help you assess your changing risk environment.

1 Based on subsequent review, analysis and conclusion of GreenRoad Technologies' study on crash reduction as referenced in footnote #2 by Zurich U.K. underwriters and pricing actuaries. For more information on crash study, see also the June, 2010 study by DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: "Evaluating the Safety Benefits of a Low-Cost Driving Behavior Management System in Commercial Vehicle Operations".

2 Based on generic studies conducted by GreenRoad Technologies from data derived from their U.S. and European customers.
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